A brief biographical film about Edna Lewis, chef and cookbook author who kept the traditions and history of Southern cooking alive in her recipes and her books.

This award-winning film is a short biography of Edna Lewis, a prominent Southern chef and cookbook author who preserved the history and the evolution of southern food in her cooking, books and her collaboration with Scott Peacock, former Executive Chef at Watershed Restaurant in Atlanta.

Post-slavery life in the South, the ancestry of Southern food, racism, aging and gender all come together in the story of Miss Edna Lewis and Scott Peacock.

The granddaughter of freed slaves, Edna Lewis grew up on a farm in Virginia. She learned from her observations of the cycles of nature and the complex relationships between the races in the rural South of the early 20th Century how to make her way in the world.

Edna Lewis possessed composure and self-assurance beyond her years. With her regal appearance and quiet patience and humor, she gained the respect of all she met.

She made her connection to others through food. Food represents the convergence of place, history and culture as well as the diversity inherent in those things. It also fosters relationships and an understanding of what brings us together and what we can share, despite our differences.

This is shown in the film in 'flashbacks' to food and cooking collaborations over the years and through the caring and compassionate interactions between Edna Lewis and Scott Peacock.

Total running time: 21 minutes, 8 seconds.

Mature Market Media Awards for Video, 2005 Bronze Award NAFDMA, 2005 Insight Award of Recognition The Communicator, 2005 Award of Distinction CINE Golden Eagle 2005 Award for Non-Broadcast Short Documentary

Decatur Film Festival, 2005 - Best Documentary Award

Atlanta Film Festival, 2005

Alternate ROOTS Annual Meeting Artists’ Showcase

Girl Fest Hawaii Film Festival, 2005

Urban Mediamakers Film Festival, 2005 - Best Documentary Award

Festival International du Scoop et du Journalisme, Angers, France 2005

Girl Fest Film Festival, 2006 Berkeley, California

Spaghetti Junction Urban Film Festival, 2006

South Carolina Educational Television (SCETV), 2006 Southern Lens series

Women Chefs and Restaurateurs 2006 Conference Tribute to Edna Lewis

Women of Color Art & Film Festival, 2007

Georgia Pubic Broadcasting, 2007

Bend Film Festival, 2007

Ottawa Reel Food Film Festival, 2009

Austin Black Arts Movement Festival, 2010