A documentary feature that explores the dynamics of HIV/AIDS in the urban African American community.

The feature-length documentary, The AIDS Chronicles - Here to Represent is an intense look at the social and cultural impact of HIV/AIDS on the urban African American population.

This work is told through the actions and thoughts of those who are infected or affected by the disease. African American health experts interviewed in the film dispel the myths and reveal the facts about HIV/AIDS; they don’t mince words on their assessment of the current health crisis and the basic preventive actions necessary.

Segments target:

African American women and AIDS
Black Gay Men and AIDS
The Churches and AIDS
The convergence of poverty, substance abuse, homelessness and HIV/AIDS

On the authored DVD, there are a total of six segments that can stand alone or may be viewed as one complete work.

According to researchers writing in the March 18, 2010 edition of the New England Journal of Medicine, AIDS in America is “forgotten but not gone.” Infection rates in African Americans and Hispanic Americans are at a critical level but many people think if they contract HIV/AIDS they can live normal lives with the help of AIDS drugs. AIDS is a treatable disease, but according to its victims, life with AIDS is anything but ‘normal.’

HIV/AIDS is also a preventable disease. In The AIDS Chronicles – Here to Represent, those fighting against the spread of HIV/AIDS tell their own stories and encourage the audience to learn more, get tested and join in the efforts to reduce infection rates.

Artists' Grant - Johnson & Johnson/Society of the Arts in Healthcare Best Documentary - Mid Atlantic Black Film Festival

Film Festivals:
International Black Docufest
International Film Festival – Phuket Thailand
New Orleans International Human Rights Film Festival
The British Film Festival - Los Angeles
Urban Suburban Film Festival
Special Screenings:
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Society for the Arts in Healthcare Conference